Save Ghouta

Al Ghouta is exposed daily to more than 100 raids, which cost the civilians their life, because of the policy of bombing, siege and starvation it has been in a stifling blockade for several years, resulting in a severe scarcity of food with the shrinkage of agricultural areas due to the war and continued narrowing […]

The IDPs inside Syria suffering from lack of support

Civilians have bad human situation in Syria, thousands of families have been displaced, and their number is significantly growing every day. Although there are no kind of non-food supplies such as, shelter, clothing, cooking utensils and other essential needs for IDPs, in addition the non-available electricity and high price of fuel which people depend on […]

Children Robot

Violet tends to develop the educational process in Syria which will build the generation of future and keep them save. Getting the children out of war and daily routine in schools and away from the stress which the children experienced daily Add new private class to learn how use and develop the robot. Integrating the […]

Emergency Teams

Emergency teams composed of young adult volunteers in five training camps, they have been developed their spirit of volunteerism in the first class and created the experience for them while dealing with emergencies after aerial bombardment ,they are able to help in disasters or any sudden displacement and respond to them with (equipped shelters – […]

Violet’s Safety and Security

Violet aims to train all populations to take safety measures before,during and after the Phosphoric, cluster, artillery, cuneiform and chemotherapy airstrikes. So they can use safety measures during fires and know how to deal with it and to give first aids for themselves or for the injured